Friday, 10 April 2015

FORMATTED LAPTOPS: How to solve Bluetooth/Wireless Problem

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Laptops, as we all know, are handy computers that help us do many
varieties of job easily. At times, too much work/infected files may
require the laptop to be formatted. During formatting, the computer
undergoes an 'electromechanical surgery' which removes all of its
third-party software and some of its in-built functionalities. Some of
these lost in-built programs re-installed automatically during
Operating System (OS) initialisation, but in most cases, some programs
such Bluetooth/Wireless connection may not function properly after the
format. If you're facing a similar case as this, you are in the right
place. Welcome!

After the system format, the first most important thing is to check if
the in-built programs such as Bluetooth are working. How? To do that;
1. Go to 'COMPUTER'
2. Click on 'SYSTEM PROPERTIES' (for window 7 and above)
3. On the screen that appeared, click on 'DEVICE MANAGER' on the top
left side of the screen.
Note: on the device manager screen, you will notice a warning symbol
beside some programs. What does this mean? It simply mean that those
programs are present on the computer BUT they lack working utilities
or drivers. It is like having a dog who you haven't fed for a week; it
may be alive but not in the right sense.
If the warning symbol is not there but the Bluetooth program is
available, it means that the Bluetooth is working properly. If that's
the case, you don't need to troubleshoot anything

There are, perhaps, several (let me say many) ways to go about it but
here on this blog, I will share the surest and most secure way. Since
we know that the problem is not with the PC but the missing drivers,
we can get the necessary drivers, install them, restart the computer
and the Bluetooth will start working. How?
1. Check your PC model/specification. Try and write it down (we shall
need it). E.g. 'HP Jaywal1650'. Got that? Good!
2. Surf to the manufacturer's webpage. For instance, will take you to the drivers
segment of Helwett Packard (HP). If you're on a computer with
different manufacturer, a careful Google Search with the keyword
'#name of manufacturer# drivers page' - e.g. Dell drivers page - will
direct you to the appropriate segment.
3. Input the computer's model into the space provided.
4. Download the driver that specifies the issue at hand.
5. Install it
6. Go back to the device manager mentioned earlier, right-click on the
Bluetooth program, select 'Scan For Hardware Changes'.
7. If that is a success, restart your computer to save the changes.
Congratulations, you have just re-installed your lost Bluetooth and
that is all for the Bluetooth troubleshooting. You can apply same
procedure to any other missing/malfunctioning drivers.

I hope it helps. Thanks for visiting!

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