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Computer Fingerprint Protection with HP SimplePass – An Anti-Hacking Guide

About two decades ago, some issues experienced by computer users around the globe concerning the security status of their computer, had stirred a strong competition among computer geniuses and scientists; with HP and many renowned computer companies striving to improve computer's security.
In this post, you will learn how to protect your Laptop or Notebook with the HP SimplePass Software.

One of the significant duties of any computer user is a strong, reliable and trusted security system. When I said security, it can be in phases ranging from virus/malware/spyware protection (through the usage of Anti-Virus programs) or hacking and un-authorized access protection. On the hacking and un-authorized access note, creating a strong password always proved to be the best option but despite all these cares and security; those that were privileged to own a computer/laptop were either:
1.       Fed up with typing password every time they want to log in to their computer, or
2.       The computer wasn't totally secure despite the STRONG protecting password
No matter how strong your password is, there are possibilities that hackers around you will gain access to your PC or online account.
To setup the Fingerprint Protection for your computer, you will need the following prerequisites:
1.       A PC, Laptop or Notebook computer
2.       Operating System – Window 7, Vista or Window 8
3.       A fingerprint scanner. (If your PC has an in-built fingerprint, you don't need this)
4.       The HP SimplePass software (download from the HP official Website)
5.       The HP SimplePass Sensor drivers (also on the HP Official Website, depending on the OS you are on)

You can also Download the complete Computer Fingerprint Protection with HP SimplePass.pdf - 1.1 MB

Step 1
Download and install the HP SimplePass from HP Website. Unzip the file if it was zipped, by right-clicking; select 'Extract files'
Install the unzipped file in a location you will easily remember

Step 2
Install the driver packs that come with your HP SimplePass (if present). Some later versions have the drivers in the HP SimplePass setup. So, be careful to download the latest version.

Step 4
Launch the installed 'HP SimplePass'. On windows, click on 'Start'; then 'All Programs', find the HP folder and finally, click on 'HP SimplePass'. Wait for the program to launch.

Step 5
With your biometric /fingerprint reader plugged in, input your window log on password (the password you use for your PC), if you haven't setup a password, the HP SimplePass will help you set it up. Once set up, the password is your master password for HP SimplePass security. Never forget that, ok? Good!
You can also Download Computer Fingerprint Protection with HP SimplePass.pdf - 1.1 MB
To enable the biometric for your window log on security; click on the 'Window Log On' icon at the top right screen. At the prompt, input your window log on password and voila! Enroll your fingers! Make sure to enroll more than two fingers for security reasons (you might have a scratch or injured one of your fingers, enrolling more than two gave you the access to use the other fingers when necessary.

Some cool features of the HP SimplePass
1.       Window log on with fingerprint security (mentioned earlier)
2.       QuickLaunch (enables you to launch websites through the usage of a defined shortcut key)
On a final note, you may want to remove, delete, import or export fingerprints. To do that; navigate to the Control Panel, Click on 'Hardware and Sound'. From the options that appear, click on 'Biometric Devices'. That will open a new window where you can modify your fingerprint data.
I hope that really help you to improve your computer's security status. Drop your comments below. You can also share this post to your friends.


  1. does that mean some one needs a thumbprinting device?

    1. Except if your computer has an in-built fingerprint scanner, you will need a fingerprint device


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