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Many current people of today, including myself found pleasure watching either the BBC, CNN, Al-Jazeera Channel, to name but few. I was actually reflecting on some pieces of news I heard on the Al-Jazeera channel when I was struck with the idea which lead into this tutorial. The good news was that that wasn’t my first time watching the channel but you know what, I never paid much attention to that awesome logo!
So, in this tutorial, you will see how I created the Al-Jazeera logo with my CorelDraw X13 (lower version of CorelDraw can also be use). I’m sorry if you had expected something like the Adobe Illustrator for this tutorial; the fact is that CorelDraw is an old friend that should be entertained. If you follow this tutorial till the end, you will get suffice of what I said.
The final image will look like this:
Let’s swing into action
As a common routine, fire-up your CorelDraw program. In this tutorial, the tools and techniques used were as follows:
a. Pen tool b. Fill dialog c. Outline tool d. Basic drawing (beginner level is welcome)
Step 1
One common solution which I do notice in many complex logo of our time is that they require simple approach. The Al-Jazeera logo was actually some curvy vectors joined together. So, grab your Pen tool from the toolbar; then draw the first wing (permit me to use that word!) of the logo. In my screenshot below, I made a sketch; though, at first, it may seems rough but with the help of the Shape tool, I was able to shape/smooth the wing to my taste.

Step 2
Using the Fill Dialog, fill the smoothed shape with a color of C=10 M=30 Y=100 K=0. If that was successful, proceed to remove the outline of the shape.

Step 3
Now, we shall draw the second wing/shape using the same Pen tool. Smooth your sketch where necessary. To save some time, I didn’t add any color this time – that will be at the end of the tutorial.
Step 4
Draw the third shape to correspond to the logo. Smooth where necessary. Make sure to smooth edges not the main corners –smoothing the main corners will deform the design.
Step 5
The main drawings done! Let’s start adding some concept to it. Draw a rectangle with the Rectangle Tool; rotate and place it as shown below. You should add some square boxes and two circles too – to make it more detailed. Also, I added an half moon shape to the edge
To create the half moon shape:
Draw a circle using the Ellipse tool; Press command button Ctrl + C to copy it and then, Ctrl + V to paste it. Move it up and to the right once using the Up arrow key and the Right arrow key of the keyboard. Using the pick tool, select the two circles. Go to Arrange > Shaping > Back Minus Front. Great! It is ready. Adjust the moon’s height and width to get better result. Having done that, place it at the bottom and top side of the logo.
Step 6
Press Ctrl + A to select all the shapes created earlier and using the Fill dialog, fill it with a color of C=10 M=30 Y=100 K=0. Remove the black outline; that will leave a white space in the left part of the logo. We don’t want that!
To get rid of the white space is as simple as ABC! Draw a rectangle that can fill up the space; adjust where necessary; Press and hold the Shift Key; click on the empty spaced shape – that will change the items on the Property bar above the Workspace. Click on the ‘Weld’ to weld them together. In another sense, you can do that by selecting Arrange > Shaping > Weld.
Step 7
We can stop here if we want to but that wasn’t the logo I pictured in my mind. What can we do? Well, the Shape Tool is there to answer our questions. With the Shape Tool, we can smooth some intersecting and rough points of the logo. You can do that too. Yes! You can!
Now, I want to add a gap to the intersecting wings:
Draw a rectangle with a white colour and without any outline; adjust where necessary; Right-Click on the rectangle; Go to Order > Behind – An arrow head appears. With it, click on the shape you want to be at the top. Repeat the same technique for all other intersecting points.
Step 8
Yah! The logo is now ready! I added some texts to it, to make it nice. And with that, the final design is like this.
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