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Hi there and welcome to another thrilling article on the MyTutorialArena (MTA) blog. Today, I will share some 'cool tricks' on how to create the Microsoft VistaTM logo.
Below is what you shall be able to create with this tutorial
1. Before anything, you should know we shall need a computer with CorelDraw 11 or later versions installed. Get that ready
2. Tools: The following tools and techniques shall be            needed for this tutorial
a. Extrude Tool b. Smart Fill tool c. Fountain Fill d. Mirror tools e. Skewing f. Envelope tool g. Rectangle tool h. Ruler/Guidelines
For more clarity, I included some screenshots to each steps. Enjoy!

Step 1
Load your CorelDraw11 or later (for this tutorial, I used CorelDraw X13, but don't worry the version you are on, is not a barrier. You can do it!). With the Rectangle tool from the toolbar, draw a square box with dimension of 100mm by 100mm. With the same tool, draw a rectangle inside the square with the dimension 100mm by 5mm. We aren't done with the rectangles; create another one with dimension 5mm by 150mm. Make sure they were well-centered.

Step 2
We need to demarcate, to show/rule the top and bottom border; that is where guidelines/rulers come in. Click and hold on the guidelines as shown below and drag the ruler to the edge of the square; do the same for both the top border and the bottom border

Step 3
With the square selected, click on Effect > Envelope. That will open an Envelope Docker on your right hand side.
On the docker part of the screen, click on Add Preset; click on the 11th preset type, it looks like a flag. To apply it to the square, click on Apply. That should change the square box to a flag-like square. Despite that, the nodes of the shapes don't look like that of the MS VistaTM Logo. So, from the 20 things to become a pro graphic designer, we have to do some little adjustment to make it perfect. With the Envelope Tool active, we shall move all nodes/edge to their corresponding guidelines drawn earlier. Click on each node and with that, move it to the guidelines above using the up arrow key on your keyboard. Repeat the same system for the bottom nodes but this time, move the nodes to the bottom guideline.

Step 4
Once the above steps were completed, click on the flag shape; copy the shape and paste it on that same spot. Use your keyboard down arrow key to move it down so that its center coincides with the bottom guideline.
Now, duplicate that shape too by copying and pasting it and move it some distance from the original shape.

Step 5
The previous 100mm by 5mm should now be remove, click on it and press delete on the keyboard. Select the 'Smart fill tool' from the toolbox. Click on one of the sub-flag segment of the shape: Select Green from the color palette. Repeat the same process for other but with different colours as illustrated below.

Step 6
With the 'drop tool' select all lines and shapes (except those four sub-flags!) and then, delete them. That should delete every other shape apart from the main four flags.

Step 7
Select one of the sub-flags > choose the 'Fountain Fill Dialog' or press F11 on the keyboard. In the window that appears, change the angle to -45. Then, click OK. Repeat the same thing to others but with different angles. The angles are -135, 45, 135

Step 8
Select all the flags/shapes, and then mirror it horizontally with the mirror tools.

Step 9
To make it look more 'cool', we shall extrude some part of the logo. Click on one of the flags; from the toolbar, select the Extrude Tool (Blend category). With the tool active, extrude the image from the middle by clicking and dragging from its center. Now, go up to the options on the property bar above, change the varnishing point coordinates of the X-axis to 2.4 and that of the Y-axis to 2.2. Also, change the extrusion type to the 4th type. Repeat the same setting for all the other three (3) flags.
Again, select all the shapes, then double-click on the middle to active the skewing style. Skew it a bit and release the mouse click.

Step 10
The last step is to add some text to the logo. In this case the WINDOW VistaTM .
And with that, the final image should look

I hope you had found this article useful. Let me know if you have any question by commenting below. Share this blog post to your friends.


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